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Welcome to IMPACT Dance Complex, home of The Impact Performance Company – a dynamic and exciting youth pre-professional performance ensemble. If you’re a young dancer with a serious passion for dance and a desire to take your performance skills to the next level, then you’ve come to the right place.

When you join “The Company,” get ready for an exhilarating journey that will challenge and inspire you. Our dancers dive into a comprehensive dance curriculum, where they will learn various styles of dance that will enhance their overall abilities. We believe in pushing boundaries and encouraging our dancers to exceed their own expectations.

As a member of “The Company,” you’ll have the incredible opportunity to perform in front of live audiences. This invaluable experience will not only help you grow as a dancer but also build your confidence on stage. Our dancers thrive in the spotlight, learning the ins and outs of the performance process and captivating audiences with their exciting talent. Beyond the local Doylestown scene, our talented dancers get the chance to showcase their skills at various public events, dance festivals, and charity programs throughout the Philadelphia region. Past credits have included: Philadelphia 76ers, CHOP, the Philadelphia Union, Alex’s Lemonade, Eagles Pep Rallies, The Philadelphia Youth Dance Festival and more.

We understand that true artistry comes from within. That’s why we foster an environment where dancers can create and develop as individual artists. You’ll be encouraged to explore your own unique movement style, connecting deeply with music and dance. Additionally, we bring in guest teachers who specialize in different dance styles, exposing our dancers to new perspectives and expanding their horizons.

Being part of “The Company” means more than just dancing. We believe in cultivating leaders and role models. Our dancers are expected to set an example for their peers and become positive influences in the studio and their local community. Through your time with The Company, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of important concepts like conditioning, healthy living, stretching, and continued dance education. We’re dedicated to shaping well-rounded dancers who embody professionalism and performance quality.

The being said, joining The Company is not just about becoming a better dancer; it’s about building lifelong friendships and a strong sense of camaraderie. Our dancers bond as a group, learning teamwork skills and developing mutual respect. Together, you’ll forge unforgettable memories and create a supportive network that will accompany you on your dance journey.

All dancers must audition for The Company, and be enrolled in IMPACT dance classes. Once accepted, your commitment is vital. Attending company classes and rehearsals is a requirement unless an excused absence has been approved in advance. We take dedication seriously, as multiple absences may result in missed performances or even a suspension of your company status.

Are you ready to make an impact?…

If interested in more info on The Company or dance classes, drop us a message now!

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