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Dance Companies & Teams

Dues & Fees

Performance Company & Competition Dancers will have extra fees & dues that help cover various costs throughout the dance season including: teacher & choreographer fees, performance costs, uniforms or costumes, travel costs, convention or entrance fees and more.

Fees & dues are communicated at the beginning of the dance season. That being said, at times additional costs are made known to the studio after the season starts, or as performances and/or competitions approach. Performance and/or Competition dancers are required (at times) to purchase additional items such as shoes, costume items or miscellaneous items (tickets, fees, food, etc.)

Time Commitment

Dancers will have larger time commitments to IMPACT Dance throughout the week, and at the peak of performance and/or competition season. Some examples could be:

  • Extra rehearsals or reviews
  • Off-season training or bootcamps
  • Longer days during performance or competition weekends
  • Travel commitments to performance or competition locations

Attendance Requirements

Performance Company & Competition Dancers are expected to have a high level of attendance for rehearsals and classes. If dancers fail to meet the necessary attendance numbers for any given performance or competition, IMPACT reserves the right to remove that dancer for that particular performance or event. Dancers are expected to communicate any schedule conflicts with the studio ahead of time, and not the day of rehearsals or performances.
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