Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions at IMPACT

While this page may not answer everything, here are some of the most FAQ’s we get here at Impact Dance Complex as dance students begin their exciting journey…if you don’t see the answer to your questions here, please give us a call or drop us an email!

Dress Code

Dance classes at Impact have various dress code guidelines, based upon the type of dance, and technique being worked on during lessons. Certain classes such as ballet, jazz, breaking, acro and others will request specific attire for their dance students.

Dancers may also be required to purchase certain shoes or footwear for styles of dance including tap, jazz, ballet and more.

Every dancer will be given specific instructions on what their classes require, once they are registered.

Some general dress code requirements include: appropriateness, long hair up, no boots or Crocs, and clothing built for movement & athletic activity.

Tuition & Payments

Tuition is billed at the beginning of each session (or semester) in Sept. & Jan., or during various summer dance activities. Company fees are also on this schedule, but Competition Dues are billed every month.

Tuition can be paid in full, or families can set up monthly/weekly payments using their online portal. The dance studio accepts credit card, debit or check as payment options. Tuition can be paid online or at the front desk of the studio.

Recital or Show?

Yes. At the end of each dance season (June) Impact produces its annual IMPACT Dancer Showcase. This event gives every class the opportunity to show off the progress they have made throughout the year, as well as gain valuable performance experience on stage.

The studio sells tickets to the show, which go on sale in the Spring. All Impact families will receive an email to announce when tickets are available for purchase. Tickets are only available at the door IF the show in question is not sold out.

Show or Performance Fees

Every dancer who participates in the showcase will have a designated costume fee for their class(es). Fees can vary based on the class, type of costume and other factors.

Costume fees will be billed to all families via the DSP Parent Portal sometime in the late Fall/early Winter.

All dancers will be measured before costumes are ordered to ensure proper fit. Dancers are allowed to keep all costume items, unless otherwise noted by the studio.

Scheduling & Enrollment

Impact Dance Complex offers rolling enrollment throughout the dance season, so that those dancers with commitments (such as Fall sports, etc.) can still join dance classes during the school year. We do recommend that those dancers still register at the beginning of the session, just in case spots fill up in the desired class.

Enrollment for dance classes will close on March 1st of every year, so that classes are not interrupted during their show preparation heading towards June.

We pride ourselves on flexibility, and encouraging our kids to be well-rounded humans. If an opportunity or scheduling conflict arises throughout the year, please get in touch with the studio so we can find a way for your dancer to continue to dance.

Closings and Weather

The studio roughly follows the school district schedule, and will be closed for various holidays throughout the dance season. Impact also takes a Winter Break, Spring Break, and a few days off for the Thanksgiving holiday. All planned closings and breaks will be communicated in advance throughout the year.

The studio occasionally has to close for inclement weather & snow days. There is an email chain of communication, and we encourage all families to also check social media for any weather related updates or closings. While the studio builds a few snow days into the schedule each year, any needed make-up classes will be scheduled by the studio at a later date and relayed to the students who need to attend.

Personal Make-Up Classes

As mentioned in the Closings & Weather section, all classes canceled by Impact will be rescheduled at another time, and communicated to the dancers.

Dancers are responsible for attending all of their dance classes throughout the season. Commitment to learning and technique is important, and it does not help progress to fall behind. Dance is not Amazon…it will not show up in two days. That being said, LIFE HAPPENS. If a dancer is sick, there is a scheduling conflict, etc. the dancer is responsible for making up their class in another class of a similar level or style. This is a wonderful opportunity to try a new class you are curious about!

If your dancer needs a make-up class, be sure to contact the studio beforehand. Dropping into a class unannounced can throw off a teacher’s lesson plan.


Impact Dance Complex is not responsible for scheduling make-up lessons for individual dancers, and teachers are not obligated to schedule private lessons in order for a dancer to make-up a missed class. 

Ready to schedule your FREE trial class, or still have questions? Drop us an email!

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