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A little bit of NYC, a little bit of L.A., right here in Doylestown, PA.

If you’re looking for a dance studio that offers premiere training in a variety of styles, look no further. From toddlers in tutus, to b-boys doing head spins, you’ll find everyone is at home here at IMPACT Dance Complex.

Our studio is home to dance teachers who have been teaching in the Bucks County region for years, and specialize in everything from hip-hop to jazz, to tap and breakdancing. With classes for both boys and girls of all ages, we’re committed to providing professional and experienced dance education to Doylestown and the entire Bucks County region. Our goal is to push our dancers to compete against themselves first, always be open to trying something new & different, and learning to leave everything they have on the dance floor. We start them young, in our toddler dance programs, and watch them grow to chase their dance dreams.

Schedule your trial class today, and see why we’re the go-to studio for both the serious dancer, and the recreational party rocker.

Off The Dance Floor


At IMPACT, we are a family and we believe in more than just creating talented dancers. We are committed to fostering the growth of good people alongside their dance skills. Our philosophy revolves around instilling values such as respect, teamwork, discipline, and perseverance in our students. Through our dance classes, we aim to nurture not only their technique and artistry but also their character development. We strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment where dancers not only excel in their craft but also grow into compassionate, confident, and well-rounded individuals. We understand “it takes a village,” and we are here to do our part.


The IMPACT Company is a youth pre-professional performance ensemble, that travels the Philadelphia region to perform at various public events, dance festivals and charity programs. The Company is a unique blend of eye-catching dance movement, theatre and entertainment. Past performance credits have included: The Philadelphia Youth Dance Festival, Philadelphia 76ers, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Union, Alex’s Lemonade Stand and more.

Learn more about The Company here.


Our competition team is all about embracing the joy of dance, while striving for excellence. We offer a vibrant and supportive community that encourages each team member to shine on stage, develop lasting friendships, and push their boundaries. Our teachers & choreographers have won numerous group and individual competition awards in the past, and work to push our dancers to achieve their personal best.

Learn more about Competition at IMPACT here.


An urban style of dance that has grown out of street/funk styles. Elements include various fundamental hip-hop techniques (popping, locking, breaking, etc.), and a focus on improv & freestyle. Hip-hop has become increasingly popular in the commercial world, thanks to various movies, dance TV shows and more.


Considered to be a foundation for dancers looking to study other styles of dance. Jazz is a blend of various techniques that focus on multiple disciplines including musicality, syncopated rhythms, isolations and more. Fosse and other styles are focused on specifically for musical theatre & Broadway style classes. Music can range from pop to show tunes


Breaking or bboying/bgirling (also known as “breakdancing”) is a dance founded in funk music and rock dancing. Students learn top-rock, floor work, freezes and power moves, while learning how to control their bodies on their hands, feet, backs, knees and heads to create complex combinations of movement.


A class combining dance & gymnastics. Students will learn tumbling concepts and learn to apply them to their dance artistry. Advanced dancers will get to experiment with flips, tricks requiring flexibility, stunts and more.


An intriguing form of dance where music is created with one’s tap shoes. Often seen in musical theatre and movies, and an essential for an aspiring musical theatre performer. Tap shoes required. Tap is a specialized art form, and can be extremely beneficial for performers to have in their repertoire while in the industry. Dancers will learn complex steps and train themselves to hear specific sounds from their shoes.


Students will focus on learning the techniques of classical ballet, as well as the history behind them. Those older dancers who show enough skill will be offered the opportunity to go up on pointe. Pointe is a privileged opportunity and provided to dancers who show proper work ethic and skill to proceed. Permission for Pointe is determined by Ballet teacher evaluation.


Learn more about dance & performing arts classes at IMPACT, schedule a trial dance class, learn about studio rentals & birthday parties, or connect with us and help us continue to make an impact in our Doylestown community and beyond.


PHONE     215 367 2922

ADDRESS  4050 SKYRON DR. Unit D1 Doylestown, PA 18902

EMAIL    [email protected]

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